My Euroscola journey

aprilie 2, 2019 | Publicat de Info

“I go to the European Parliament, I go to the European Parliament”. That was me after finding out that we won and we’ll reach Strasbourg. And that turned out to be the best experience of my life.

I have to confess that the night before Euroscola I couldn’t sleep, because of the excitement. Next day, we got to the Parliament and a nice lady came to my team and said: “I want the young reporter from Romanian team to follow me.” Yeah, that was me. I was taken to a table where I met some of my colleagues and we were put into the world of journalism. After the coffee break, I got into The Chamber (I’m writing in this way, because it was like a huuuge space, that place that we all see on the Internet or TV), I took part in the countries’ school presentations and I discovered some things about the people who I would spend the day with. They were also very curious about the problems of the European Union. The debates were delightful, due to the different points of view of the participants which were revealed in a very interesting way. After almost 3 hours of political talks, lunch was a relief  for the majority, and it represented the period when we all participated in Eurogame, a game that united us all, everyone being eager to help colleagues to answer questions in their main languages. After lunch, the reporters took part in the press conference with Mr. Luis Martinez Guillem, Director of EP’s communications office from Strasbourg, who was open to all our questions and answered everyone of us in a common language, to make more easily for us to understand the problems of the European Union. After this point in our program, the next task was to interview one of our peers who we found out based on a draw. I was lucky to ask Chiara from Belgium some questions, a future journalist with Italian backgrounds. The interview was as follows:


Q:-Hello, Chiara, where are you coming from?

A:-Hi, I’m from Belgium but I’m Italian, I have Italian roots.

Q:-In what field do you want to activate or work after finishing your studies?

A:-Actually, I want to focus on communications and journalism, so what’s happening today is a good experience for future and I wanted to interact with people in different languages but so far I just really know English and the others are still coming.

Q:-So, do you know just English?

A:-No, since I’m studying languages in school, I can speak French, Italian and Dutch a little bit, German and Spanish.

Q:-And which is the next language you want to learn? Maybe an exotic one?

A:-I always wanted to learn an Asian language, I’m thinking about Korean, because I think it’s a beautiful language to hear but I know that reading and writing are complicated so I don’t know… I know some words, but we have to see if I have the motivation.

Q:-Do you believe that the journalism field is developed enough in your country?

A:- Yeah, in my country it is, because we have a lot of possibilities to work, we have a lot of TV and radio channels, but, despite that, I want to create something original, so, yeah, I think it’s developed but I want to bring something new in this industry.

Q:-Do you want to continue your studies in your country or do you want to study abroad?

A:-Honestly, I always wanted to study in England, but now, I don’t know if I can because of the Brexit, I really don’t know if it’s possible anymore, but I think that best, since I want to live there, is to finish my studies in Bruxelles, and after getting my diploma, to go to England, to look  for a job.

Q:-In your school, do you have political education? There is someone who explains the problems of European Union to you?

A:-No, not really, we talk about the future of European Union between us. I mean, we have a lot of nationalities in my class, such as African, Polish, Romanian, my best friend is from Romania, Spanish, Italian and we have a lot of opinions about many matters.

Q:- And the last one is: What was the subject that you and your Euroscola team developed for winning the contest and coming here today?

A:-Migration. Because, as I said, we are from every part of this world, so this was the subject that represented us the most.


 After checking this task in the order of our program this day, we took some nice group pictures and then it  came the most thrilling moment of the day: visiting the Parlamentarium. I worshipped that place and the inspirational film that was designed. Returning to the Chamber and listening to all the reports that conveyed the views of the students was delighful, all this session ending with the final of the Eurogame contest, a stage  where I was fortunate enough to get to in which I consolidated the relationships with my colleagues in the Eurogame team. Musical culture questions have been my favorite, this is an area that I am extremely passionate about. The most exciting moment of the day was bringing the flags of the member countries and intonation of the European Union anthem, accords  that ended one of the most interesting experiences I have ever lived.


 I want to thank on behalf of the entire team of our high school, all those who made it possible for this dream to came true, to reach the European Parliament, the place that inspired us to go to vote and  to make our voices heard in order to solve international issues.

Luiza Ciudin,

Clasa a XII-a A

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